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In the early 1970ís, Joe left for Poland and helped begin Campus Crusade for Christ in Poland. The entire Catholic youth movement in Poland ìOazaî was affected by the Gospel and the fruit of that mission continues to grow and multiply today! One of those Oaza leaders affected was Anna.

In 1990, Joe and Anna met in Chicago. A ministry of Christian radio, camps, concerts, festivals and training conferences were held throughout the city of Chicago throughout the 90’s. They now have three grown children (Mary – 23, Lukas – 21 and Konrad – 19)

In 2004, Joe and Anna started MissionPoland. This ministry began with holding Bible conferences and evangelistic meetings in churches and family camps in Poland. We also continued ministry to Poles in America and the U.K.. Fruit from these earlier years still needs to be gathered, discipled and organized. We still have unique doors open for us and have been preparing for an even greater harvest in Poland. God has protected and provided for us and we trust Him to continue, as we keep His word, love the Lord, honor His name and have His purpose.

In 2007, MissionPoland was incorporated with 501 © 3 status, enabling it to receive tax-deductible contributions. Contributions to this vital ministry should be made out to: MissionPoland P.O. Box 681481 Schaumburg, IL 60168

Thank You again for all you have done and to God be the glory!

Joe and Anna Losiak