Ministry Snapshot: 2014


Sept. – Ministry Presentation Sept. 9th at 6pm in Winter Park, FL at the Killarney Baptist Church.

Oct. 19- Ministry Presentation at the First Baptist Church of Orlando POIG Class at 10:45 am

October 20 to 27 – Chicago trip meeting supporters and making preparations for the PolishWomen’s Conference in March

Nov. 29 – Florida fundraiser for 2015 at the Metro Life Church of Casstleberry, FL


Jan. 13- 21- Three major events in Chicago – Evangelistic Meeting with Polish Roman Catholics, Polish Mission School Training and Polish Woman’s Conference Planning meetings for the March 20-21 Evangelistic Concert and Conference for Polish Women

Feb. – MissionPoland Fundraiser in Orlando area to be announced

March 20 – Polish Evangelistic Concert at Orchard Evangelical Free Church Arlington Heights, IL

March 21 – The 2nd Annual Chicago Polish Woman’s Conference at Orchard EFC in Arlington Heights

April- Bible Conferences in England, Ireland and Poland – Joe and Anna

May- Bible Conferences Poland – Joe will remain two weeks longer

August- Student Project in Poland

Sept – Possible MissionPoland Pastors Conference in Poland with Dr. Grant C Richison.


  • All three of our children were in Poland this summer and served the Lord as camp counselors.
  • One year ago Joe was on his dying bed and this summer he took care of himself while the whole family served in Poland.
  • The Lord has now provided for all our financial and material needs for ten full years this come this fall by faith in Him.


  • That we would serve God diligently in our family, ministry, community and country.
  • For our financial support.

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” 1 Thess. 5: 24

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