2014 History

Greetings Dear Friends,

Our basic plan has already been completed for our ministry this past summer. Please pray for our new schedule above in real time when you think of us. Here is the past schedule as of Sept. 6th, 2014 so that you will know what we were doing and where we were. We fit in as much as we could with the summer staff we had (Harry Elwardt, Cathy Elwardt, Mary Losiak, Emma Boswell, Anna Losiak, Ashley Goodale, Lukas Losiak, Luke Berlin, Alex Seargent and Konrad Losiak) , were serving with us at four camps. THANK YOU ! We thank the Lord of the harvest for these faithful workers. Click on the top of the side bar for monthly news which will be current from week to week in the months of May thru August. We have been part of the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope June 14 & 15, 2014 in Warsaw which was streamed live. MissionPoland initiated and organized the invitation three years ago for this historic event in Poland. The rest here below is from March through August of 2014.

May 11 will be Mother’s Day and Anna will be honored by her family for being the one who has lovingly served all of us, especially me by serving the Lord with her whole heart and being like our Lord in her care for us. I would not have made it without her. After my transplant as I was slowly coming off heavy drugs. During the operation and my unconscious time the drugs caused me to imagine that I was kidnapped by criminals who beat me often, I really was feeling pain as in reality my body was undergoing a major loss of such a large part of my insides. As I slowly awoke, I only saw strangers and was very sad until one day they let Anna come in with our three children who loved, smiled and talked me into recovery. I would need to write a big book to tell you all that Anna has done for me and then another three volumes for what she has done for each child and yet more volumes for so many others she ministered the love of Christ to, right before our eyes.

May 14 -25 Mary will travel to the largest Catholic country in the world. Brazil will be 50% evangelical in the next six years. She is going with The King’s College mission team for training and to serve in this great country where an explosion of the Gospel has changed the country. Three weeks later she will lead the MissionPoland team to Poland fo her forth year serving there. Mary needed to raise $3800.00 to go and after much prayer it all came in.

“No one can take away the future that God has reserved for me. Everyday is beautiful to me, and every moment is perfect in Him.” Mary Losiak

May 23-26 Anna will fly to Erie, PA to meet with the Chicago Polish Women’s Forum leadership team which she leads; as they will have Anna speak and plan next year’s Spring Bible Conference, Evangelistic Concert and a Women’s Retreat next May.

June 1, 15, 19, 23 and 26 We will celebrate four birthdays for Mary 21, Lukas 19, Anna ? and Konrad 17 plus Father’s day for me. This is really a challenge, but we do what we can.

June 14 The MissionPoland Summer Old English Dancing Fun Raiser in Orlando. A presentation of the Summer Staff and our ministry in Poland I given by the Students at break time. The proceeds and any gifts will go into the MissionPoland budget for the Students as they all raise the remainder of balances needed for the trip from their families, friends and churches. You are invited as parents to come watch with your teens and even participate with other Moms and Dads.

For more details on how the Fun Raisers look, click here. For updates, ask to be on the email list. joelosiak@hotmail.com

June 25 to August 6 Lukas and Konrad will travel to Poland while Mom and Dad were to go to Polish Family Camp where Poles will come from Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New England and Toronto. Instead Anna flies on July 3rd to NYC first for a couple of days in New York with Mary, then Anna will fly to Poland and Mary will fly a week later with the rest of the team to join Konrad and Lukas who have already been helping lead another Polish camp in the Silesian Highlands.We will be praying for the Polish Family Camp and hope to visit another time.

July 7 to July 15 Mary will be finishing up her summer work at the King’s College as the Student Development Administrative Assistant.

Mary was also elected President of the House of Elizabeth I which is like a sorority of 30 students as she will begin her third year this fall.

July 15 Mary will fly with the rest of the American Student Summer Project team from New York to Warsaw where they will lead Polish camps in the Warsaw area and in Gdansk.

July 16 to August 6 Mary will fly to Warsaw with the rest of the student team and join Anna, Konrad and Lukas. The first Camp will be in the Warsaw (Zawiszyn) area and then the following one in Gdansk where the Solidarity movement began. There the Student team will be teaching English, Bible lessons and have evangelistic meetings in the evening along with team competition, kayaking a banquet and games. Here is how the team looked in 2012 in the Silesian Highlands of Poland. Zawiszyn 2014 is pictured here below.

July 22 to August 18 Right now it is not possible, but if I recover enough to be able to stand, walk and sit for eight hours a day by June’s end – Lord willing I will join the Student team for a few days and will be speaking in Cracow, Warsaw, Lublin, Cieszyn, Bielsko-Biala, Palowice and London UK. There are also many reasons for me to wait until the fall or spring if need be.
Dr. Harry Elwardt and his lovely wife Cathy will be our guest teacher every evening. Harry was a youth Pastor for many years and we have known each other since the late sixties. Pictured below is the Losiak Family.

Prayer Requests

• To see the 2nd Polish women’s conference build community among Christian Polish women as they prepare for 2015 with leadership meetings in May and July of 2014

• Students preparing for the summer trip to meet their own fundraising goals, and work in unity to continue encouraging the Polish teens to become leaders in Poland for the Gospel.

• Continued healing for Joe so he will be able to be independent over the summer while Anna, Mary, Lukas, and Konrad are traveling in Poland. Joe will decide if he will go too by the end of June.

For tax favored contributions to MissionPoland: Checks can be made out to MissionPoland and mailed to P.O. Box 306 – Zion, IL 60099 Gifts are still needed and every amount is treated with great thankfulness because we know it is backed up with prayer. If you want more information, please feel free to write or call. joelosiak@hotmail.com or 321-368-4448.

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