Thanksgiving Prayer Letter 2014

Dear Friends,

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known to GOD.” Phil. 4:6

How good is our God!!! The true meaning of the word ‘good’ is only fulfilled in Him. It’s His divine goodness with all the fear, doubt, sadness, trickery and worry completely missing. His goodness toward us is found in our free gift of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone , the new birth, a personal Father and child relationship with direct access into His throne room, adoption into His Royal family, an imperishable inheritance reserved in HEAVEN, a special home for us in eternity, protection now and forever, the sealing of the Holy Spirit, His leading and miraculous repeated daily provision is the story of our lives. This involves every important aspect in our lives including the following for which we thank the Lord, as it is all because of HIM! We are laborers harvesting the most valuable commodity on the planet. Each soul is worth more than all the Gold this world has.

Beyond all the heavenly blessings we have, the Lord gave us each other in marriage. I have always said that Anna was a proof of God’s existence and of His love for me. We have been brought together for His purposes and we have always believed that. The Lord has given us three healthy, intelligent God honoring children who have served with us in the ministry. Mary and Lukas are both in College and in a year or so, Konrad will be also. We will all be together for the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

When Joe was thirty years old and still single he adopted his nephew who was already 12 years old and a rough street kid without a mother or father that would take him in. He lived with Joe for nine years and then got married, but never accepted the Lord. Two weeks ago they met in Chicago at the Hinsdale Oasis on TRI State 294 for two hours and Mark was for the first time in his life receptive to the Gospel. We are praying for him, his wife Cindy and their son Jacob.

We also thank the Lord for health and healing: First of all, four of us have been without major health issues. Joe’s liver went real bad, back in the beginning of 2008 and he was scheduled to get a new liver from the Mayo Clinic in 2008. Four months of grave illness ended abruptly one night in April of 2008 and the Mayo clinic verified a genuine healing a couple of days later. Joe prayed for five more years- at least and the Lord answered that prayer; Our children were young and our work unfinished. When those five years ended in 2013, Joe’s liver shrank to half the size and was as hard as leather. There were only a few weeks left to live according to the doctors and Joe was placed on top of the list for liver transplant in the whole city of Orlando. The Lord used different means to heal Joe again and now after a year of recovery, the hope of a normal longevity is possible as the Lord wills.

In our ministry of MissionPoland we have close working relationships in Poland, England and America with many outstanding Poles whom we are involved with at different levels. It is our ministry to help them to reach the entire Polish nation. D. L. Moody said, “I would rather put one hundred people to work, than to do the work of one hundred people.” These Poles include Pastors, Ministry Directors and Professionals from all walks of life. It also includes key people who can open doors directly to those who most need to hear the Gospel. These relationships go back almost forty years in some cases and include salvations. For ten years the Lord has funded us entirely by individuals and a few churches that have given us monthly or occasional gifts to cover all our ministry and family needs. This includes all of you. Most importantly it is your praying for us that causes the Lord to move people to support us through our 501 (c) 3 corporation, MissionPoland. Without you holding the ropes and sending provisions to us we could not have gone on for even one year. The Lord has given us very mature and experienced board members, including three Pastors, five missionaries and several professional people who are totally dedicated to the Lord. We have graduates of the best seminaries and Bible Schools in America on the board. We also have others who have great business and professional experience. Most of our financial support comes from a variety of friends who are thankfully led by the lord to send us support to go on in our calling. We all know and love the famous verse, “I can do all things through ‘Him’, that strengthen me” Philippians 4:13; And the surrounding context of that great verse is trusting God for those provisions for our children, housing, utilities, transportation, food, education, etc. and a great variety of ministry expenses within the limits of our Board approved budget. Each month is a miracle of funding and like in everything else in our ministry; prayer is the key and God alone is the provider – Jehovah Jireh!!!

In twenty five years we have been members of two great churches. One in Chicago (The Moody Church) where we spent the first half of our family life and the other in Orlando (First Baptist Church of Orlando) where the second half was spent. We still consider both churches our home churches and both churches have given us occasional gifts for our ministry including this year. We really have grown greatly because of these two faithful “Philadelphian type Churches” Rev. 3:7-11.

Finally we thank the Lord we are in America. We believe we have an important part to play in bringing the Lord’s pleasure down on this great country again. That revival must touch the great cities of America and that includes Orlando and Chicago. Two very key churches in those two cities are the churches we belong to! We have so much more to thank Him for and for each season the Lord gives us in our upcoming numbered days. We can reap an even greater harvest “as we walk with the Lord in the light of His word”. Trusting and Obeying is the normal response to true thankfulness.
In His Service Together with You, Anna and Joe Losiak (Mary, Lukas and Konrad)

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