Anna’s Trip to Chicago (Fall 2015)

In September Anna flew to Chicago for one week of meetings and an evangelism training seminar for Polish women that she helped initiate. She will be speaking at the Hyde Park Community Church near the University of Chicago. Anna will also be forming a group of coordinators for the third Polish Women’s Conference to be held this coming spring and seeking the best location. She is looking forward to meeting with the women whom she had the privilege of working with over the past two years. All of those women have their own ministries in various fellowship and come together to encourage each other.

Women who united at the Polish Conference from different fellowships, will be participating in the evangelistic drama “Heaven’s Gates and Hells Flames” at the Polish Church of our Savior at the end of this month. The evangelism training seminar for Polish women “SET OUT INTO THE DEEP” that already took place on September 15, was one of four or five events leading to the next women’s conference. Most people are won to the Lord by personal evangelism; please pray for this important training seminar. “SET OUT INTO THE DEEP”. Jesus said, “Follow after me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matt. 4:19  Our instructor Michelle Shwanninger is a long time staff trainer for CRU and teacher of women’s ministries at the Moody Bible Institute. The seminar will include practicing the sharing of the Gospel. The workshop seminar was held at the Church of Our Savior in Norridge , Illinois at 4701 N. Canfield Road.

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