October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for all your prayers, love and giving. It is really by the Lord’s hand that we continue and all of you are with us in this great adventure of bringing the Gospel to the Polish nation.

“Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” Matt. 9:37-38

Launching Awana in Poland 

In Poland, the workers are already there and need to be sent out. This is our prayer and ministry in Poland. The Lord is still sending missionaries to Poland to aid nationals, but the task of reaching Poland and Europe will be accomplished by the Europeans themselves. To this end, we are involved this year with bring Awana clubs to Poland as one of the best volunteer movements the church has ever created for young people.

Though two million young Polish workers have moved to Western Europe in the European Union to find good paying jobs, the children and teens of Poland all still remain. We are praying for a miracle with Awana reaching all, yes all the young in Poland. Awana is not interested in just reaching the Protestants who represent 1% in Poland, but every soul is precious and the Gospel alone, not church differences will be the key to a massive movement of God’s Spirit in Poland.

Please pray for these initial meetings with the presidential staff of Awana that will take place in a few weeks from now. It so important that the ministers in Poland and the Awana presidents will connect with each other in a common vision and purpose; Awana is coming to understand the culture and current situation in the churches of Poland. They are also coming to offer their program to be a vehicle along side of the church that will bring the Gospel to all the families of Poland. Ministry to children and teens is ministry to families. Here is the team that will be at the Awana meetings. President and CEO of Awana Jack Eggar, Vice President – CMO Brian Rhodes, Joe and our daughter Mary. Mary grew up in the Awana program and achieved one of its highest honors, the Timothy Award.

Here is the Schedule for the October 2015 trip:

7 – WARSAW  ul. Walicow 25  Wed. 3 pm to 6 pm (Historical HQ for the Polish Baptist Union – Baptist Christian Church)

8 – GDANSK   ul. Olszyńska 37   Thurs. 6 pm to 9 pm (New Life Christian Center – Pentecostal Church)

9 – KUTNO   ul. Kilińskiego 1  Fri.  6 pm to 9 pm (Independent Charismatic  Church movement)

10- WARSAW  ul. Puławska 114 Sat. 9:00 to 12:00 (HQ for the Polish Evangelical Alliance & The Church of Christ)

10- PABIANICE  ul. Bagatela 12  Sat. 4 pm to 7 pm (Christian Fellowship Church)

11-KRAKÓW  Rynek Podgórski 2 Sun. 2 pm to 5 pm

(Evangelical Methodist ‘Wesleyan’ Church)

12- KICZYCE  ul. Ochabska 133  Mon. at the beautiful Josiah Venture h2o Camp (Interdenominational  Mission Camp)

…..10:00 do 13:00 First Awana Meeting

…..13:30 do 14:00  Group Awana Luncheon

….. 17:00 do 21:00  Second Awana Meeting

13- ZIELONA GÓRA ul. Długa 8a Tues.  4pm – 7 pm (Zielona Góra Baptist Church)

We are so grateful that so many pastors and denominational leaders have helped in setting up these meetings in seven region of Poland. Please pray that many other pastors and youth ministers will come and make these meetings a new beginning to reach the current generation for the Gospel in Poland. Awana is not a come and go ministry. It will involve years of commitment and the dedication many workers in every community of Poland.

Preparing more laborers for the harvest

After the Awana meetings I will remain in Poland for three more weeks to speak at churches in other places. As of today I will be speaking in a dozen churches, two schools and one prison: Szczecin, Grifino, Jaworzno, Kraków, Tarnów, Palowice, Kamień Morski, Białystok, Inowrocław, Mikolajów, Krościenko & Zduńska Wola and the state prison in Garbalin. The Lord has been taking me through the letters to the Corinthians which deal so well with our calling, our message and how our churches should look. After all these years in many churches, I have seen majestic moments in the local church body where the majority were all actively involved in the ministry to the saints and to the lost. The fellowship of being in the battle together was so great that coming to church was the highlight of the week.

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