Anna’s Challenge

 Missionary Challenge

Anna Losiak Talks to the Teenagers and Adults
WLD Ranch  – July 26, 2001
Fairview, Pennsylvania

I want to thank you that I can share with you !

The passage from the Bible that challenges me to leave my own little private world is the last two chapters of John.

Jesus meets with different disciples three times after His resurrection in these two chapters. Just before Jesus came the third time, Peter told some of the disciples that he’s going back to fishing, they went with Peter. Shouldn’t they have been planning an evangelistic outreach at this time ? They had two boats and a big net. Maybe they were thinking of going back to the fishing business. They returned to their nets where Jesus first found them. They fished all night without any success.

Jesus came to them and I like the way He did it – gently and lovingly. They were tired. Jesus called out to them from the shore where he was standing in the early misty morning, “ Friends, did you catch anything to eat ? ” Jesus tells them to throw the net on the other side of the boat and there is an abundance of fish ! Jesus is the One who provides.

Jesus then made breakfast for them. They ate together on the lake shore by the fire at the dawning of the day. It’s quite and they don’t dare ask questions.

But Jesus asked a question of Peter – the famous one. Do you Love me ? The question was directed at Peter but I think it was for everyone there and for us too.

I don’t think Peter didn’t realize how deep his relationship with the Lord should be. Maybe Peter didn’t feel worthy to be that close to the Lord. After all this time with Jesus, after the death and resurrection and after Peter’s denial of Jesus, he must have wondered if the Lord even wanted him back as a worker. Peter wasn’t feeling like the right person for the job anymore. The others with Peter also may have thought that they failed Jesus.

Jesus is not giving up on Peter, He’s asking again and again. ‘ Do you love Me’, helping Peter to come back to his first love.

Jesus is also repeating ‘ Feed My Lambs ’. ‘ Do you love Me – Take care of My sheep ’. To love Jesus is to take care of what matters to Him. People around us may not always be precious to us, but they are precious to Jesus.

To love Jesus is to take care of what matters to Him. If you love Jesus you cannot live in your own little private world.

There is one more thing that I’d like to share with you from my experiences on being in the mission field for seven years. We’ve done many different things: Christian Radio, Camps, Christian Bookstore, Conferences, Concerts, Newspapers, Trips to Poland.

What do we do when no one wants to hear what we have to say? It comes to something that we all know. Catch their curiosity with lives so well lived that they can no longer ignore that Jesus offers something they desperately need. Remember that when they stop listening they will still be watching. THANK YOU !!!  Anna Losiak

Anna & Joe Losiak –  MissionPoland – P.O. Box 381 – Union Pier, MI 49129

Anna’s Testimony

(Polish Camp 1998 SBR Flashback )

( Polish Camp 1998 Moyoca Flashback)

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