Ray Staszewski

The Teaching Ministry of Ray  Staszewski


Ray Staszewski is a member of The Lakewood Baptist Church, Harrison, Tennessee. He and his wife, Christa, serve the church under the spiritual leadership of the pastor, Dr. David Bragg. They have served in the van ministry and as Sunday school teachers. Ray has a Master of Divinity degree from Temple Baptist Seminary, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Ray was brought up as a Roman Catholic. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and became a journalist while obtaining his undergraduate degree. He became a Christian on Thanksgiving Day in 1980. Christa had accepted the Lord earlier that spring.
He served as bus pastor and usher at the Escondido, California, Fundamental Baptist Church where he and his wife were baptized after their conversion. He was a Sunday school teacher at The Highland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he also served as an itinerant preacher in its chapel church ministry. Ray taught Bible and Journalism at Tennessee Temple Academy, a private K-12 school. He was also executive director of The Maranatha Rescue Mission, editorial coordinator for AMG International, a mission agency, and assistant editor of REALIFE, a magazine published by Tennessee Temple University.
He was certified as a Bible teacher by the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools (TACS) and the Evangelical Teacher Training Association (ETTA).
As a career journalist Ray worked as an editor with Dow Jones & Co., Inc., The Chattanooga Times, as a financial investigative reporter for The San Diego Union, and a special correspondent for The Hamilton County News-Leader.
As a Christian writer and editor, he wrote stories for teens and adult Bible studies which were published by the Union Gospel Press. He edited two books, “The Life of Christ,” by Dr. Jim Anderson, and “Wake Up, Rhonda,” by Jo Knott.
As an American of Polish heritage Ray has a burden to see Poland reached with the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, according to the Bible.
He and Christa, his wife, have been married for thirty years. They have two adult sons, Walter and William. Ray’s life verse is Luke 9:23. Ray Staszewski is a member of the MissionPoland board.
Over the course of time, we will load and feature Ray’s Bible Teaching Ministry, including:

1. How Hard is it to Become a Christian?

2. Now that You are a Christian

3. Mary 

4. Mary ( continued )

5. The Biblical Covenants of God – introduction 

A. Edenic Covenant 

B. Adamic Covenant 

C. Noachian Covenant

D. Abrahamic Covenant

Ray’s Testimony: ” I was born into a Roman Catholic family of many generations. I was raised in a Roman Catholic parochial school through the eighth grade. My heritage derives from a country that is considered 98% Roman Catholic. Though I was never given the Gospel as a child I wanted to become a Maryknoll Missionary. I would have done so if my parents had permitted it. They did not. After many years I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. This is a personal relationship which does not require any church or any denomination. Salvation is not through any entity, it is through Christ Jesus alone. Many may claim Him, but He asks only that a person should receive Him. Thank God for the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus. ”

Ray Staszewski – P.O. Box 1347 – Harrison, Tennessee 37341  Didaskolos@aol.com

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