NEW Our Past

Both of us (Anna and Joe) began from birth as baptized members of the Roman Catholic Church, so for the first formative years of our lives until age 14 we completed all of our learning to receive all the Sacraments of Confession, Communion and Confirmation. We were also brought up in strong Roman Catholic homes in Polish culture and traditions. This gave us a foundation of great understanding for those we were called o minister to. Our involvement in reaching Poles included, by the Lord’s leading meeting and ministering to  the Spiritual leaders of Poland in the Roman Catholic Church who during the communist years became very receptive to the Holy Scriptures.  Anna was an Animator leader of a group in Cracow and Joe helped bring a new emphasis on the Gospel and the Scriptures to the largest catholic Youth Movement in Europe.

Joe  became a born again believer on October 31, 1962  and  as the Lord would have it was deeply involved with training from all the top Awana leaders as my pastor was the first director of Awana. I also was my high school president of our YFC, trained by a Navigator in my church, attended classes at MBI and directed children’s ministries, Sunday School and an entire youth camp for boys. Among my early teachers were men like Jack Wyrtzen and George Verwer in Chicago area conferences. Campus Crusade back in the sixties exploded after and as I entered College, this is where I wanted to be. So for eleven years in various ways, I attached myself to the training and education given by CCC for the next eleven years, on top of what I had already learned as a teen. Some of the great teachers associated with Campus Crusade for Christ, I came to know well, some were just teachers in a larger setting, but I think you would all agree, we have some great training and learning. Of course I am not listing the outside teachers who came like Tom Skinner, Charles Stanley, James Kennedy, Phil Hook, Norman Giesler & Walt Kaiser.  My four main pastors I had a close working relationship with over the years were unique. Rich Wager – Co-Founder of Awana, Phanthom Ranch and Silver Birch Ranch, Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church  who asked me to be the Sunday School Director, (Harold O.J. Brown Chair of Theology at Trinity and first MissionPoland Board member worked with us personally in our earlier Chicago ministry of camps, radio, literature and concerts from 1995 to 2007) & and two time past president of the SBC Jim Henry who is on our board at MissionPoland. God has blessed greatly and I will not mention the rest of our board members who are all outstanding in ministry and teaching!

Anna became a born again believer in the early 1980’s at an Oasis Camp which used the Biblical materials created by Campus Crusade for Christ to lead a person to saving faith and continuing growth.

Campus Crusade for Christ Teachers I learned from and came to know personally in official Conferences, Regional  Advances (retreats), IBS, Arrowhead,  Daytona, Ft. Collins, etc.: Dave Sunde, Conrad Koch, Marty DeBoer, Steve Kovic,  Leroy Benson, Josh McDowell, Clark Petticord, Dick Purnell, Paul Cowan, John Vauter, Doug Sutherland, Dick Sanner, Bill Bright, Bud Hinkson, Joseph Dillow, Doug Hartman, Grant Richison, Howard Ball, Larry Poland, Paul Eschelman, Jim Green, Bob Horner, Andre Kole, Steve Douglass, Harry Dickleman, Dennis Rainey, Swede Anderson, Everett Davis, Randy Wright, Jon Braun, Peter Guillquist and many others whose names I have forgotten. 1969-1980 (as a  student leader and staff intern)

Campus Crusade for Christ Staff team training with dozens of other mentors in Long Beach, California; Arrowhead Springs, Ft. Collins, CO; Daytona Beach, FL, Explo 72 Dallas, TX, Vienna, Austria, Krościeńko, Poland and  New York, NY in 1979

In the 1990’s our ministry was centered around the Moody Church in Chicago, were we first started in 1990 and soon became members. Joe was elected the Director of the Sunday School four times and Anna was under the teaching of both Pastor Lutzer and her Sunday Class teacher Mary Welchel.

For the past thirteen years we have been guided by a mature board of directors who have blessed us with their oversight and recommendations as well as a number of partners around the world who support our ministry.