Pray for more co-laborers to join us

Pray for our funding for the 2014 Budget to be reached

Pray for our American Summer Team which has grown to 9 in 2014

Pray for our family

Pray for our Health – recovery from surgery for Joe Losiak on 5/28/2014

Pray for our Relationship to the Lord most of all


     Many associated with Christianity label themselves to identify their faith in Christ differently. Paul the Apostle dealt with this problem in Corinth with Followers of “Paul” or “Apollos”, or “Cephas”. There are literally thousands of variations now, many of which overlap. Variations of Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Independent, Fundamental, Reformed, Dissident, (most recently Secular), Latin, Greek,Jewish, Polish, Coptic, Followers of Waldo, Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Church of ______, Bible, Disciples of _______, National Churches, etc. Some like to identify themselves with a movement, revival or a spiritual awakening. One Pastor told me his spiritual roots go back to 1905. Others can go back to 55 A.D., 318, 325, 1065, 1363, 1415, 1517, various councils of all types. So who is who? Then we have the Gnostics from the second century and many cults that followed. This may cause some to turn away from faith in Christ, until we learn that Jesus and the Apostles told us that this would happen. Many false movements claiming to be His were suppose to come. If they did not Christ would have been wrong. Even the first century churches before the ‘Church Fathers’ that followed the Apostles, had differences that were assessed critically by the Lord Himself in the last book of the New Testament. So who are you? Sorry if I did not mention your brand, but there are literally thousands of names.The Apostles whom Jesus chose, trained and commissioned before there even was any church did not know any of these brand names. It was just the Church and Jesus called it “My Church”. Peter was clearly the leader among the Apostles and he wrote two books which we all can read in the New Testament where he describes his role in the Church and who was the Rock on which the Church was built. The Church Bishops that followed the Apostles often stated that they were themselves bound to the teachings of Christ and the chosen Apostles. Because the faith “once delivered” as Jude stated was in fact delivered to us by Jesus Christ Himself through those He personally chose, trained and commissioned. We all call the Bible “God’s Word” which was all in tact and in use within the first century and agreed upon within the first Church councils when the Church was just the Church. The identifier adjective ‘catholic’ meant all the local churches worldwide or the ‘entire Church’. Churches were at first known by their locations, not denominations and the overseerer (bishop) had to meet requirements clearly spelled out by the Apostles Peter and Paul, which remain binding today. The Bible is the only book in history to contain the authorized words of Christ, the Apostles and all the published Hebrew Prophets. C.S. Lewis was officially a member of the Anglican Church but called his faith “Mere Christianity”. Jesus warned us that in the end many will come up to Him in Eternity and claim that they used His name and did great things using His name, but He will have to say to them, “Depart from Me, for I never knew you”. The organizations, associations, movements all have structures to keep order and to avoid misrepresentations like we see in Acts 5 as “the love of money is the root of many evils” in the Church.These administrations should be used to guard the Church and churches from corruption. It was what Judas was all about and too many more like Judas throughout the ages. Eventually all those whose love is really riches, social, lordship, political, sensual, whatever else or personal prestige may very well hear those brutal words Jesus warned of. So who is right? I’m not saying all churches are wrong, Jesus didn’t say that either. He gave two of seven His approval in the last book of the Bible, those who “Have kept my word and did not deny My name.”. These were the words of Jesus and He’s the only One we are all

called to believe. The Church is not the one to believe in, it is the one who believes. Believers are the Church and we are certainly not going to be saved by believing in ourselves .I once attended at Church gathering where my guest from Europe was not comfortable in the building as it was more like a modern theater than a beautiful cathedral. I asked him if he knew what kind of temple Jesus really preferred, he ask me to explain and I pointed to his body. This my friend is where His Spirit resides if you have come to Him by grace through faith for your personal salvation.So for me, the label you have, building you place your body in to worship is all secondary and will not save you. My roots go back to the Cross. I was often asked to sing at events organized by the well known Polish artist Adam Macedoński in Kraków during the difficult communist years in Poland. Macedoński was a true Pole and was disliked greatly by the communists. At one unofficial concert held in a basement of a large building, Adam asked me about the ‘new’ Jesus movement in America back then as I was clearly singing and talking about Jesus. He asked me in front of everyone to explain when and how the Jesus movement began. My answer was “2000 years ago there was a carpenters son ….”.One of the greatest examples of someone who “found out who he was”. was the thief on the cross. He didn’t deserve it, never had a label we would use and no sacraments could be followed. He had a change of heart about his sin, renounced his sinfulness, recognized the Kingship of Jesus and asked Jesus to remember him. He never even gave his name. What Jesus said to him must of sounded too good to be true. To me it would have sounded like, ‘Tonight you and I will celebrate in Heaven”. I have been close to death, but not that close. In reality, death is just a breath away for all of us and all of us regardless of our sinfulness, religious background must come to the Cross in the same way. I’m sure the Thief on the cross would have been baptized and he would have taken communion for the reason Jesus instructed after this encounter if he was still alive. He probably could not pass a doctrinal exam and had some religious background that may have been imperfect. We wouldn’t have picked him for salvation. So who are you, w

ho am I ?

Joe Losiak

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