Polish Women’s Conference

The Polish Women’s Conference in Chicago

In the beginning of this year Anna went to Chicago to meet with the Polish Christian women and they came  from every Polish Church and ministry in Chicago. Here were thirty women who wanted to celebrate the goodness of God having the same vision and desire.  All of them had one mind and heart to unify all the women believers in Chicago for the furtherance of the Gospel. A group of coordinators was formed.  One by one the women came to Anna and declared their hearts commitment and how the Lord was leading them with their talents. After this the Lord gave us the facilities and full support of one of Chicago’s finest evangelical churches – The Orchard EFC Church. The Ethnic ministries coordinator Shohei  Suzuki and the wonderful support of the church was a confirmation for us from God.


We only had three months to organize this conference and all of us were inexperienced as this was the first such conference in Chicago. These women made up for this by their enthusiasm, humility and much prayer. Every week we had a Prayer teleconference for the leadership team of nine women and every week answered prayer was announced. The famous Polish music ministry MissioMusica was touring in America and agreed to come to Chicago for an evangelistic concert the night before the conference. Decisions were made as 250 attended the concert and 150 attended the conference. We had wonderful conference speakers including Andrea Buczynski  who is the Global Leadership Development Vice President for Campus Crusade for Christ.  Anna also had great joy to see our daughter Mary take part and serve as an interpreter. The response to the conference was so great that we already have a date in March and reserved  the same church. This event has energized the entire Polish Christian community in Chicago and reminded us that if we work together in humility “showers of blessing” will follow. Anna will be in Erie, PA over the Memorial Day Weekend to meet with the leadership team.

MissionPoland: P.O. Box 306 – Zion, IL 60099 ( donations – checks need to be made out to “MissionPoland” )

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