Summer Student Project – Team 2014

Harry and Cathy Elwardt- Harry will be our guest speaker in Zawiszyn, leading the evening sessions for the whole camp. He has been a close friend of my dad Joe, and will be in Poland with his wife, Cathy. This is the first time we are working with them in Zawiszyn.

Janusz Begier – For the third summer in a row, Janusz has agreed to spend his vacation time working with us in camp Zawiszyn. His church family owns the camp property, and works to plan and promote the camp in Poland. We have been incredibly blessed by his hospitality, and dedication.

Andy Borucki- The groundskeeper of camp Zawiszyn, and incredible host to our team. One of the most easy people in the whole world to work with, Andy has blessed us with his humility and generosity.

Leszek- Our host in Gdansk who will be directing and promoting the camp in Gdansk. Leszek worked with us for part of the time in Gdansk last year, and has stepped into a leadership role with the Gdansk camp this year.

Jim Mack- Joining us for the third year in a row, Jim has done an incredible job teaching english lessons and giving devotionals to the campers. Jim is also our game master during team sports.

Rick Erb- For the first time, Rick will help us teach English in Zawiszyn. He has been an awesome English teacher in other parts of Poland, and has volunteered to join our team.

Phil Willer- Phil has helped plan our sporting competitions, and has shared the gospel with Polish camps for many years in Poland. He is returning to help us with these tasks in Zawiszyn.

Anna Losiak- One incredible woman that has helped begin the camp in Gdansk, and has found people from all corners of our world to join the teams in Zawiszyn and Gdansk. She will be translating at the camps, and representing MissionPoland.

Monika Wierenko- Anna’s sister, and women’s conference planner. Monika has worked with children both in America and in Poland as a camp director, and staffer. She will be with the team in Gdansk to help with activities for the children.

Patrick Wawrin- Two years ago Patrick helped our American team by translating, and being a sports team leader. Patrick will return this year to lead worship with a group of Polish students in Zawiszyn.

Dawid Szyja- A recent college graduate, Dawid has been attending American English camps in another part of Poland for years. This year, he will be one of our translating staff members.

Emma Boswell- On her first trip to Poland, Emma has agreed to use her gift of singing and music to help lead worship in Zawiszyn and Gdansk. She will also be teaching English.

Ashley Goodale- A lover of sports, and missions, Ashley will be teaching English and one of the team leaders for our sporting games in Zawiszyn. Ashley is also going to Gdansk to teach English and staff the VBS there.

Konrad Losiak- On his third summer trip to Poland, Konrad has signed up to travel to three camps. He is an awesome English teacher, and sport team leader. As a bonus he also speaks Polish.

Lukas Losiak- This is his second summer trip to Poland as a missionary. Lukas is very gifted at inspiring team spirit, teaching English, and is learning to translate for our classes.

Alex Sargent- One of our long-time family friends, Alex seized the opportunity to go to Poland and is our most recently added team member. With a love for serving at his church’s children’s ministry, and an outgoing personality Alex will make an awesome English teacher and sports team leader.

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